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Punch 'Em Good

Orange Still Life Punch Needle Kit

Orange Still Life Punch Needle Kit

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Try out punch-needling yourself with this kit that has everything you need! This kit comes with a pattern pre-traced onto your hoop so that you can get started right away.

When you're done, the kit also includes a bamboo display hoop so that you can use your non-slip hoop for your next project!

This kit includes:

  • Non-slip punch needle frame
  • Adjustable punch needle
  • Foundation cloth with pre-traced pattern
  • A display hoop 1" smaller than your working hoop, if you want to tidy away the excess cloth.
  • Enough yarn to finish the pattern
  • A tapestry needle to gather the back of your project
  • Instructions for getting started
  • Full-color printout for reference

Hope you enjoy this kit! If you need any help working through it, feel free to reach out to me at or via my instagram @Punchemgood. Happy punching!

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